The annual VOICE Summit conference is taking place this month and has us looking back at how technology has evolved. 15 years ago, we could have never imagined the possibility of using our voice to ask a computer to do something, have it understand us, and then perform an action. Today, in a world full of natural language processing, we have not only become accustom the ease of voice technology but have integrated it into our everyday lives.

Starting July 24th, industry leaders are going to convene in Newark at the New Jersey Institute of Technology for the VOICE Summit. At the conference, more than 1500 developers and experts will gather, making this the nation’s largest multi-day voice-first conference. Attendees are traveling from across the country to discuss the possibilities and the future of this intriguing technology.

Switch at VOICE Summit

Our own CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Hopen, is excited to be attending the conference and to have the privilege of being featured on the panel session “Fintech’s Leads of the Voice-first Revolution,” July 26th at 1:30PM  (EST). 

“The VOICE Summit brings a thought-provoking and innovative event platform to the increasing influence of voice technology across all industries. Switch is honored to be invited to share our insights on voice technology within the fintech space. We look forward to participating in the discussion and furthering the voice revolution,” said Hopen.

Our CardsavrAPI with natural language processing has the power to revolutionize the process of issuing cards. These technologies will have newly issued cards instantly in use everywhere cardholders pay online, solving a growing industry problem. Our solution will help issuers and merchants who face multi-million dollar revenue losses during card reissuing events. We are excited to be featured at this year’s conference. We look forward to sharing our innovative views on the banking and fintech industries at VOICE Summit.

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