The world of online shopping and subscriptions has completely changed the way our daily needs are met. Last week I ordered flu medicine on Amazon Prime and it was at my door within a couple of hours. It’s fast, convenient, and growing; but with all of its perks, it’s not without its setbacks. Managing online accounts (passwords, usernames, payment information, etc..) is a pain. 

For example, let’s say you just moved, changed your name, lost your credit card, or had it replaced due to a data breach. Now, try to think of everywhere you need to update your information online. Tough, right?

According to, the average American has 3.7 credit cards in their wallet. Each of those cards is stored at, or linked to, several different online stores and services.  The idea of keeping all your information at all of your sites up-to-date is exhausting. There should be a better way to manage our online accounts easily! That’s why we created SWITCH.

By allowing you to track and keep all your payment profile information in one place, SWITCH makes managing online accounts simple. SWITCH is offering some pretty exciting features. 

Check it out!

  • Automated Card Updating

Keep your payment information up-to-date and avoid service interruptions.

  • Autofill

Make your checkouts easier without repetitive, error-prone typing.

  • Card-to-site Visibility

Always know which sites have your card, and manage card-to-site relationships.

  • Auto-login

Access your online accounts with one click from the Switch dashboard.

With SWITCH, your online experience is faster, safer, and easier.  

We recently announced that we’re launching early access. Click here to read the announcement. We are ready to get feedback from users to help us fine tune SWITCH.  

In the meantime, you can sign up to be one of the first to use SWITCH, and we’ll keep you updated!