The CardUpdatr application is different than network updaters in various ways. Through secure automation technology, CardUpdatr allows cardholders to update all of their card-on-file accounts in one place. This web and mobile application is the only solution that works to update any card where cardholders pay online to comprehensively benefit all parties in the payments ecosystem. CardUpdatr can update all card information including name and billing address. The application is 100% issuer branded, giving a face to the people who finally solved this tedious process for cardholders. 

Other updaters like Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) and VISA Account Updater (VAU) help facilitate the secure transmission of account updates to card-on-file and recurring payment merchants. Cardholders and issuers benefit from network updaters when updating a lost, damaged or expired card with a merchant who has opted into the service.

What are the key differences? 

CardUpdatr is cardholder triggered

We will never update any account that the cardholder did not authorize. We value the protection and security of the user’s card numbers and will never initiate a process without their knowledge. 

No merchant enrollment

Our technology does not require merchants to opt-in for the service, which results in the issuer being able to get their card on more sites and for merchants to keep active cards on file. 

Opportunity to put the card on more sites

In the instances where a network updater can update accounts, it can only update the pre-existing accounts. With CardUpdatr, in addition to pre-existing accounts, the cardholder has the opportunity to put their card on new sites which increases potential card reach for issuers.

Any issuing event

What is the biggest difference between CardUpdatr and legacy card updaters? We can update any type of card, during any part of the customer journey. We handle reissued cards (lost, expired, damaged) and newly issued cards, even from one network to another (e.g. Mastercard to VISA). As opposed to legacy card updaters, who only handle reissued cards within their network (e.g. Mastercard to Mastercard).

CardUpdatr is the only comprehensive solution for issuing cards and getting cards to Top of Wallet®. A fast and seamless issuing process is a win-win-win for card issuers, merchants and cardholders. CardUpdatr is the best way to get cards on file, provide a better cardholder experience,  and increasing transaction volume. To learn more visit