With the recent launch of CardUpdatr™, you may be asking yourself, “How is that different than CardSavr®?” This blog is to help clear up any questions.

CardSavr and CardUpdatr have a lot in common.

Both CardSavr and CardUpdatr enable card issuers to help their cardholders update any type of card (credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards etc.) everywhere cardholders pay online. Finally! Cardholders no longer have to navigate to each individual site to change their payment information, or worse, switch the card-on-file to a competing financial institution.

BOTH products help increase usage; BOTH products help retention; and BOTH products improve cardholder experiences.

So what is the difference?

CardSavr and the CardUpdatr app yield their benefits for card issuers in different ways. For instance, CardSavr is a platform which delivers our card-on-file updating capabilities through an easy-to-integrate API. Cardholders access CardSavr’s updating experience in the issuer’s various web and mobile experiences. CardSavr is unique because issuers have 100 percent control of the user experience, any data retention policies, as well as a 100% dedicated operating environment for each deployment.

The CardSavr platform is a flexible, cloud-based solution that uniquely combines a scalable machine learning engine and patent-pending artificial intelligence algorithms. Additionally, the technology keeps up with user interface updates across e-commerce and biller sites. As our development teams work together, CardSavr can be up and running in 6 weeks on web, mobile, or even voice-based card apps.

CardSavr adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Services (PCI DSS) v3.2.1 requirements by utilizing a modern platform, strong encryption/tokenization, and redundant layers of security for all communication and storage.

CardSavr will never:

  • Read, pull, or scrape data from any site or system.
  • Use or make claims to any financial institution’s information for any reason whatsoever.

CardUpdatr was a natural progression…

We wanted to go even further and make the power of our CardSavr platform accessible for any financial institution. The CardUpdatr application is an issuer-branded experience that requires no development work for the issuer.

CardUpdatr is a mobile-enabled and web-enabled progressive web application developed and hosted by Switch. CardUpdatr leverages the CardSavr platform to execute the card updates. WITHIN DAYS, Switch can deliver card issuers their own vanity URL to make their branded CardUpdatr app available to cardholders.

CardUpdatr is a fast, yet simple way, to turn a painful card updating experience into an experience that cardholders will thank the issuer for providing.

Why would financial institutions consider CardUpdatr?

CardUpdatr brings the power of Switch’s core payments provisioning platform, CardSavr®, to any card portfolio without the need for developmental resources. CardUpdatr is a powerful tool to help cardholders get cards-on-file. All though Switch has already developed the application, CardUpdatr comes with options to meet an issuer’s specific needs:

  • CardUpdatr can be branded for one or more card portfolios.
  • Issuers can choose between a shared or dedicated operating platform.

The solution issuers have been looking for…

The CardSavr platform and the CardUpdatr app are the best ways to achieve increased cardholder usage quickly and easily. In fact, they are the only functional tools issuers can provide to their cardholders to update card credentials where cardholders pay online. As a result, these technologies can change the way issuers manage the customer lifecycle process for the better.

Issuers know that they want to increase usage, lower attrition, and provide world-class cardholder experiences. Now, not only do they have the solution they have options on how to implement it.


To learn more about Switch and our solutions please visit https://switchme.com/.