How is CardUpdatr Different than Network Updaters?

The CardUpdatr application is different than network updaters in various ways. Through secure automation technology, CardUpdatr allows cardholders to update all of their card-on-file accounts in one place. This web and mobile application is the only solution that works to update any card where cardholders pay online to comprehensively benefit all parties in the payments ecosystem. CardUpdatr can update all card [...]

Why being the card-on-file is the key to a successful card portfolio.

Why being the card-on-file is the key to a successful card portfolio. Cardholder behavior has changed drastically as online commerce has evolved. The PYMNTS Mobile Card Services Playbook dove into cardholder behavior, specifically behavior on storing card information online. The Playbook stated that 78.9% of customers store their payment information online. Moreover, 44% of cardholders store a card on 3-5 different [...]

CardUpdatr: Do you need a Shared or Dedicated hosting service?

Switch provides the CardUpdatr application in two distinct ways, either on a Shared hosting service or on a Dedicated hosting service. Every institution is different and has different needs. In this blog, we’re going to help you decide which service option suits your company’s needs. The Shared hosting service provides a lower cost option for customers with low volume needs or [...]

CardUpdatr vs CardSavr: What’s the Difference?

With the recent launch of CardUpdatr™, you may be asking yourself, “How is that different than CardSavr®?” This blog is to help clear up any questions. CardSavr and CardUpdatr have a lot in common. Both CardSavr and CardUpdatr enable card issuers to help their cardholders update any type of card (credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards etc.) everywhere cardholders pay online. [...]

Diving Into The Switch Platform

  You’ve probably heard about the Switch automatic payment updating technology called CardSavr™and how it uses machine learning to enable automated robotic processes that can be performed for any card on any site. With CardSavr API, the entire process of updating payment information online is carried out in seconds! The technology we’ve worked very hard to develop benefits everyone in the [...]

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